Medical Gas Pipe Sizing Program

Medical Gas Works

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Analyze and size medical gas systems using an easy to use software program. This program was developed after years of experience with designing medical gas pipe systems. The program has the capability of analyzing and sizing Medical Gas Piping Networks.

Access it from anywhere, anytime with an internet connection.

Developed by Professional Engineer who worked on Medical Gas Design and Analysis for various large military and commercial hospitals.

  • Design Medical Vacuum systems. (Pressure systems coming with new version expected 1/2021).
  • Account for system diversity using NFPA or statistical methods.
  • Calculate pressure and vacuum loss and flow rate (CFM).
  • Aids in pump sizing.
  • Differentiates between operating room, high and low usage outlets.
  • Account for site elevation.
  • Account for fitting losses.
  • Material properties of common pipe materials such as K, L, M copper, as well as European EN13348 copper.
  • Ability to simulate entire wings or branches to simplify analysis when precise piping network is not known.
  • Design multiple systems. Data remains stored in the cloud.
  • Upgrades to new versions of this program are included free of charge.

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