The Atonement Academy School Registration Application


This project was done free of charge,
in an effort to make Catholic education more affordable and streamline business operations.

A fully integrated suite was constructed to manage school enrollment, parish enrollment, and content management.
An attractive entrance, enhanced with the look and feel of sacred art.

The Atonement Academy is the school belonging to Our Lady Of The Atonement Catholic Church, San Antonio, Texas.

The Atonement Academy, San Antonio, Texas

From Ralph Johnson, R.I.P., a parent who went on to be Headmaster of the Atonement Academy:

From: Ralph Johnston <>
Subject: Thank you
Thank you indeed Mr Otten for your work on the web-based school registration.
Not only have you done everything needed to make registration smoother for the school and the families, you have done it exceptionally well. The user interface is among the best I have seen. You have thoughtfully avoided having parents re-enter the same data over and over, for example, the home address and physicians contact information. You have clearly identified the required fields. You have given a preview of the process and excellent navigation tools throughout the process. You have anticipated the parents’ desire to save html files or make hard copies of the registration data. Taking initiative to go beyond the requirements of registration, you have anticipated the requirement to flag data needed for publication of the directory, something that is easy to overlook, and usually is. Finally, the graphic design is excellent: attractive, easy to understand, in keeping with the dignity of our parish, and not overdone as one so often sees.
Overall it is a Gold Arrow performance.
We are very fortunate to benefit from your service in our parish and school.Ralph Johnston
Quid retribuam Domino